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What is Post & Beam?

Post & Beam is a form of timber frame construction. It features heavy vertical wooden posts, horizontal ceiling timber beams and sloping roof rafters that are tightly connected into a strong central building framework using a time tested building technique known as “joinery.”

These connecting timbers are locked together with hardwood pegs and further reinforced with wood knee braces. The vertical posts, horizon- tal beams and diagonal knee braces create tre- mendous strength and overall integrity of the structure, while the wood itself provides interiors with exceptional natural beauty.

The central frame timbers remain exposed to the interior of the building. The frame is then covered with an enclosure system.

Advantages of Post & Beam

Our very satisfied clients have discovered some very good reasons to choose this type of home — Here are just some of the major advantages of Post & Beam timber frame con- struction.

Makes A Statement 
Post & Beam says a lot about its owner: Detail ori- ented with careful attention to superior quality, Post & Beam is a statement of building excellence and high- end construction practices.

An Excellent Investment
 Post & Beam homes are in much higher demand than houses of standard construction, and offer excellent resale value. Many of our clients have found it easier to finance this investment because of the recognized quality of our authentic Post & Beam homes.

Energy Efficient
 We use state-of-the-art pre-engineered foam panel systems in the roof and walls, creating an energy- saving building “envelope” that limits air leakage, and helps to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

It’s Beautiful 
Post & Beam allows you to create truly unique living areas. The finished interior highlights the rich natural look of exposed timbers, features soaring windows that provide plenty of natural light, and combines dramatic high ceilings of the great room with adjacent cozy living spaces. The characteristic exposed pine Post & Beam timbers honey down to a rich golden tone, adding warmth and sophistication to any room.

Timber Frame Houses Wakefield
Timber Frame Houses Wakefield

Low Maintenance
 Maintenance requirements on a Post & Beam home are no more than those of a custom home. And when compared to a log home which requires regular chink- ing and re-levelling of the doors and windows, Post & Beam homes are virtually maintenance free.

Solid Construction
 Considered one of the sturdiest construction methods available, a timber frame building provides structural integrity that is not found in today’s modern homes. Strong but flexible, Post & Beam structures are known to withstand typhoons and earthquakes, temperature extremes, and high and low humidity and have proven to last for generations.

Environmentally Sensitive
 If you are concerned about saving trees, it’s important to note that our Post & Beam structures use less wood than today’s conventional stick frame construction methods (using 2-by-6 studs).

Compatible with Other Building Systems

Post & Beam construction is compatible with structural insulated panels, logs and stud systems.

It Suits Your Unique Location & Lifestyle

Whether you are planning a city home, lakeside retreat, ski chalet or country spread, you’ll find we have floor plans and designs that meet your custom needs.

Lasts for Generations

Timber frame construction literally lasts for generations: It is estimated that Post & Beam lasts 20 — 40 times longer than standard stud construction homes do!

What makes it authentic?

Once you start looking around for a builder to create your own dream home, it may seem that every custom homebuilder offers a Post & Beam version. Don’t settle for imitations!

The fact is that authentic Post & Beam homes are constructed very differently from today’s conventional homes and require specialized knowledge and skilled craftsman to work the wood’s magic.

If they have little or no experience, ethical builders will not take on a Post & Beam project.

Craftsman: We employ skilled Craftsmen who use traditional tools and methods that have been handed down through the generations to cre- ate a solid and uniquely beautiful Post & Beam building;

Traditional Materials: We select heavy pine timbers that are not mere window dressing – these timbers actu- ally support and secure the structure, adding the kind of structural integrity to the building that can only be found in true timber frame construction;

Methods: We use traditional joinery methods including mortis and tenon joints, dovetailing and lap joints that are functional while creating beautiful architectural features;

Details: The use of solid wood pegs and wood knee braces complete the functional art and distinctive look of authentic Post & Beam timber frame joinery: Traditional wood pegs keep the Post & Beam framework tight yet flexible enough to withstand changes in temperature and humidity while the knee braces provide additional reinforcement to the entire structure.

Timber Frame Houses Wakefield

Our knowledge of the art, our team of experienced craftsman and the use of traditional materials gives your building project the “Authentic Post & Beam”

Seal of approval:

Knowledge: Our project team has learned the time-honoured Post & Beam style to build you a solid, high quality home. Our Post & Beam timbers are not decorative “add-ons” but the central structural framework and focal point of the building;

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History of Post & Beam

Post & Beam is an ancient building art that finds it roots more than 4,000 years in an- cient Egypt. Joining timbers into a central framework was such a fundamental building system that it soon found its way into forest cultures all around the world.

Post & Beam timber frame design evolved over the ages, becoming the predominant form of construction in Europe between the 15th and 18th centuries. Many of these structures, such as Westminster Abbey and Shakespeare’s house, still stand hundreds of years later!

Post & Beam timber frame construction came to North America with the first Euro- pean settlers. With an abundance of avail- able native wood, particularly white pine, early colonial craftsmen in Upper and Lower Canada applied this building method to houses, barns, covered bridges, forts and other impressive structures.
Due to the strength and durability of Post & Beam construction, many of these early structures are still found in use today in Ontario and Quebec.

In the 20th century, the Post & Beam method grew out of favour as builders moved to the newer stick frame (using studs) building system that was faster and required less skilled labour.

Only recently has the Post & Beam style experienced a revival due to a new breed of builders who have rediscovered the craftsmanship, beauty and time-tested quality of Post & Beam construction.

With more people investing in custom dream homes, the distinctive Post & Beam style is a welcome choice for discerning buyers.

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