Construction Timeline

Quality Construction is all about the careful management of time, resources, choices and surprises to bring to life the project’s intended vision — At Ronald S. Hill Developments (RSHD), we follow a time-tested project management process to keep your project on track.  Although individual projects will vary, the following timeline is based on a typical project managed by RSHD.

DESIGN - Building Design & Quotation  

  • Home Owner selects design from Design Gallery
  • RSHD provides an initial Materials Package quote (roughly estimated at 40% of the total construction cost).  This preliminary project costing is a starting point to help clients make a decision on the design they are considering and to determine whether or not to move ahead with the project.

PLANNING  (3-4 weeks)

Building Options:

  • RSHD views site for building placement, issues & options
  • Home Owner makes specific window & materials selections;
  • RSHD resolves any structural requirements, and provides recommendations on design & materials.

Budget and Contract   

  • RSHD will fold the initial Materials Package quote into a complete construction budget to provide the client a better idea of the overall cost to build the project. This budget estimate is a free service.
  • RSHD develops materials package sales contract;
  • RSHD develops a fixed fee project management contract;
  • Home Owner reviews & signs materials package Contract;
  • Home Owner reviews & signs project management Contract.

DRAWINGS (1-4 weeks)

Blue Prints;

  • RSHD works with Home Owner on building details and decisions
  • RSHD manages specifications and drawings;
  • Home Owner receives “First Review” drawings;
  • Home Owner approves, signs off on review drawings;
  • RSHD co-ordinates building team, materials & timelines;
  • RSHD tenders work to electrical, plumbing & heating trades, etc.;
  • RSHD revises the budget with “real numbers” of accepted quotes.

PERMITS (2-4 weeks)

Building Permits and Applications:

  • RSHD manages permit drawings;
  • Home Owner reviews and signs off on permit drawings.
  • Home Owner provides land survey;
  • RSHD arranges Septic Engineer report;
  • RSHD submits drawings, surveys & reports for permits.

PROJECT START UP (4-8 weeks)

Building Begins:

  •  Off-Site: Manufacture of Post & Beam Package,Delivery of Post & Beam Package
  •  On-Site: Site preparation, Pour foundation

BUILDING - (5-12 weeks) - RSHD Begins On-site Construction:

RSHD Begins On-site Construction:

  •     Erection of Post & Beam Shell (Roof, walls, insulation, subfloors, etc);
  •     Windows & exterior door installation;
  •     RSHD provides Home Owner with progress reports, budget status.

FINISHING (3-8 weeks)  Finishings & Fixture Installations:

  • RSHD works with Home Owner on finishing details and decisions;
  • Drywall installation, painting of walls (primer & coats) & wood stain/wax/ etc.
  • Completion of electrical, plumbing, heating and fixture installations;
  • Cabinetry & counter installation, closet finishing;
  • Stair and interior door installations, interior floor finishes;
  • Window casings / door trim, baseboards, wall & ceiling trim;
  • Exterior finish & trim, foundation parging, decks, railings.

Dream Home Move-In:

  • ·    Ready for appliances, carpet installations, Home Owner Move-in

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